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  • Environmental Management System
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   Dongguan Potec Electric Industry Co., Ltd., founded in December 2009,  is a modern high-tech enterprise that integrates the design, development and production of wire and cable, cable components, electronic components and plug-in products, as well as the design, installation and commissioning of control electrical cabinets and the operation of OEM products.

    Since its establishment, the company has clearly defined the development concept with quality as the core, and committed to the development and production of all kinds of high-end wire and cableelectrical supporting processing products and electrical control cabinet products with the technical standards of electrical manufacturing and installation in Japan and Germany. So the company's products quickly occupy the high-end market at home and abroad.

    The main products of the company are: wire and cable (computer peripheral, household appliance peripheral connection cable, mobile phone peripheral connection cable); Cable assembly class; Supermarket card products, mobile game and home appliances computer peripheral cable components, high-end machine tools and robot connection cable components, a variety of servo motor cable components; Electrical control cabinet and distribution cabinet of various equipment; Japanese specification line and extension cord, etc.

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